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Posted on 01-16-2017

5 Reasons Why Buying Inexpensive Supplements is NOT a Better Deal

Some patients have told me about going to Costco or Wal-Mart to buy the 1 gallon container of vitamins. 

They’re happy that they saved money.

There's nothing wrong with saving money.

However, what they didn’t know is that in the world of supplementation and multi-vitamins, you get what you pay for.

Here are 5 reasons why:

1. They are synthetic:

A cheaply priced multi-vitamin/mineral supplement is synthetic.

That means they are not made from real food.

Instead, they are assembled in a lab, usually by a drug company.

These multi-vitamin/mineral supplements are made by putting together A, B, C, D vitamin pieces pulled from various sources and stuck together.

Some of the sources are petroleum products! 

2. They are difficult to absorb:

Since they are synthetic, and not real food, it is difficult, if not impossible for the body to absorb them.

Because they are not real food, they can actually can cause mineral and enzyme deficiencies in our body during the process of trying to absorb them.

By contrast, whole food supplements actually have the food in them.

When we eat whole food supplements, then the vitamins, minerals, cofactors, and enzymes are all in precisely perfect proportions for us to digest them.

Therefore, our body can assimilate the nutrients from the supplements easily,and without using up our reserves of minerals and enzymes, trying to digest them like what happens with synthetic vitamins and minerals.

This is logical, since our body needs and is nourished by… food. 

We don’t even know all of the amazing nutrients that are contained in food yet, but we keep learning more and more! 

undissolved vitamins xray

3. Synthetic vitamins cause ecological problems:

Synthetic vitamins and minerals also cause problems in the sewer:

What happens to all those cheap vitamins if we can’t absorb them?

Here’s your answer in a recent headline: “The City of Tacoma, Washington removes over 250,000 pounds of vitamin and mineral pills and tablets from its sewers – every 6 months”. 

So, they increase the pollution in our environment.

4. They don't work:

They don’t work as well as whole food supplements. 

So, you don’t feel any different after taking the supplement?

it’s likely the supplement wasn’t absorbed and went all the way through you, and into the sewer. 

5. Cheap vitamins are a waste:

They are a waste of money. 

It’s pretty obvious.

You spend your hard earned money on something that does not benefit you, and ends up in the sewer.

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