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Posted on 05-09-2017

Don’t give up!  Find an Exercise that Works for YOU!

There are legitimate reasons why certain types of exercise won’t work for you. There are also many excuses we tell ourselves so that we don’t exercise our bodies.

So, these factors influence your decision to work out/exercise:

  1. Physical limitations you have
  2. The activity has to be fun for you, and you should feel great about yourself after you finish
  3. The time you have available
  4. The cost
  5. The traveling distance to where you exercise, (experts recommend no more than a 5 min. drive)

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Instead of feeling bad about yourself for not exercising, try these solutions to succeed!.

Research has shown that the more times you try to solve a problem and fail, as long as you don’t give up, the greater the chances are you will solve the problem.

Problem: You think you failed because you start running to lose weight and get in shape. But, after running 3 times, your knees hurt, so you stop. You didn’t fail! You gained important information about what will work and won’t work for you personally.

Solution: Next time try a different exercise, with no running

Problem: You don’t like going to the gym to do classes or work out in general.

Solution: Don’t go to the gym! Go somewhere you enjoy, like take a walk and lift weights in a park.  Or go for a hike in the woods.

Problem: You can’t/won’t carve out the time during the day to do a workout because you are too busy.


  1. Meet a co worker before work
  2. Have a co worker drag you out during lunch or after work
  3. Even exercising just on Saturdays or Sundays is better than nothing
  4. Take the stairs daily, rather than the elevator.
  5. Park far away and walk in to your building.

Problem: You won’t work out alone.


  1. Sign up for  a class!
  2. Or, join the class with a friend, or make friends with the instructor, then follow him/her around to all the classes they teach.

Problem: You just won’t do it unless someone is making you do it.


  1. Hire a personal coach. They will expect you to show up to meet them, whether you feel like it or not. And, you paid them!  
  2. Partner with a friend to hold each other to your promises of working out.

Problem: You get really hungry after work, when you should be working out, so you don’t work out.


  1. Bring a protein bar for a snack after work, then after exercising, eat dinner at home.
  2. Sign up for a later class, like 7 or 8pm, so you eat at home first, then go to the class.
  3. If you don’t trust yourself to leave for class after you’re relaxed at home, then bring your dinner and clothes with you to work, and go right to exercise from work.

Problem:  You get bored easily, so doing one activity won’t work.

Solution: Schedule, or tell your trainer, you need a variety of different types of exercises to keep you engaged.  You can always change the activity you are doing, but just doing something is a huge WIN!

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