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Posted on 05-15-2017

Still Can’t Sleep? More ideas to get your ZZZZs.

More ideas to help you fall asleep:

  1. Deep breathing
    • Lay on your back with legs and arms spread slightly apart.
    • Inhale to the count to 4 and then exhale to the count of 4 and focus on your breathing. This helps relax your body relax and improve the chances of falling asleep.
  2. Bedtime stretching or gentle yoga
    • This will stretch overworked muscles, feels good, improves your circulation
    • Forces you to focus on your body, thus reducing the “thinking” your brain is doing.
  3. Turn on some white noise
    • White Noise is a special sound signal used to mask environmental noises. It is gentle, continuous and monotonous.
    • Turn on some white noise to create a calm mood and give your over-analyzing mind something to focus on, even think about. It blocks out other more distracting sounds around you when you’re trying to fall asleep and stay asleep.Image result for sleeping
  4. Heating pad on shoulders
    • A warm compress on your shoulders or low back helps “unclench” muscles and feels comforting. It also helps reduce pain for some people, that might make it difficult for them from falling asleep.
    • Just be sure to use a hot pack that will turn itself off after a few minutes.
    • Read instructions with your hot pack to determine the length of time that is safe to leave it on your skin. You don’t want to burn your skin!!
  5. Don’t eat or drink these foods before bed
    • Foods high in sugar, they cause sleep disruption as your blood sugar drops during the night.
    • Alcoholic beverages consumed before bed cause you to have poor quality sleep, (less rapid eye movement sleep)
    • Caffeine in foods or drinks is a stimulant, and will cause problems falling and staying asleep.
  6. Take a warm bath or shower
    • The warm water will relax tight stressed muscles, calm the “over- thinking” cerebrum, and help to induce sleep.
  7. Supplements to turn off the brain
    • There are many supplements you can take before bed to help you doze off.
    • Some of these include herbs like chamomile, valerian root, Ashwagandha or kava.
  8. Nutrition Response Testing/NRT
    • in our office will determine which whole food supplement and/or herb will work for you personally
    • It has been very effective and eliminates the need for taking sleeping medications, which can be dangerous and have side effects.

Call us for a free “Sleep Solutions” consultation with Dr. Deb Sampair, DC at Hands on Healing Chiropractic at 408-371-0068.

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