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Posted on 05-22-2017

Looking Sexy and Alive - Peak Body Efficiency

Having good posture means your bones, muscles, joints and ligaments are all in the positions that nature intended. This allows the vital organs, nervous system and the whole body to function at peak efficiency. It also prevents back and neck pain and  injuries.

The basic tenet of good posture is to keep the area from your neck all the way down to your pelvis straight, with no slouching forward, backward, to either side, or twisting.

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1. When you're standing:

  • ​​​​​​​eyes should be level with the horizon, (not looking down)
  • your ears should be above your shoulders, (don’t want your head forward)
  • shoulders located above your waist
  • your waist located above your knees
  • with your heels located directly under your knees

IN OTHER WORDS: your body should be in a relaxed, vertical straight line 
both hips should be level with the ground, not slanted to one side or to the front or back, and your feet should be shoulder width apart, with equal weight distribution

2. When you’re sleeping:

  • sleep on your back or side, not your stomach
  • back and neck should be in a straight line, not curled forward 
  • knees should be slightly bent with a pillow either under them, (if laying on your back) or between them, (if laying on your side)
  • beware of overly stuffed pillows that flex your neck and head forward

3. When you’re sitting in a chair: 

  • your neck and back should be straight, not slouched forward
  • your torso should be at a 90 degree angle from your thighs
  • thighs and knees bent to 90 degrees 
  • feet should be flat on the floor, or on a small stool. Do not cross your legs at your knees, this misaligns the spine and causes low back pain
  • keep eyes level with the horizon, to avoid neck pain and strain

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4. When you’re lifting and bending:

  • the most important point is to keep the area from your neck all the way down to your pelvis straight, with no bending forward. 
  • bend forward at the hips, (not at the waist)
  • bend your knees also, letting your hips shift slightly backwards 
  • It’s easiest to spread your feet wide apart to keep a broad base of support 
  • to pick up the object, bring it close to your body and lift it by pushing through your legs 
  • this seems like a weird position at first, but it’s vital for preventing injury to your back. (fyi: this is an awkward position if you’re wearing a dress)

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Source:  https://acatoday.org/content/posture-power-how-to-correct-your-body-alignment

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